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Project Reports

Collaborative Action Plan

This Collaborative Action Plan and set of strategic recommendations is presented as the culmination of the Regional Collaboration Charrette program.

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Industry Diversification Strategy

A regional profile and industry diversification strategy for East Central Wisconsin.

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Survey Report

An analysis of the perspectives and connections of the economic and workforce development ecosystems of East Central Wisconsin.

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Fox Valley Network Mapping Platform - Technical Background Paper

This report, prepared by Future iQ Partners, provides technical details of this project, including some brief background, network survey process and questions, and a broad overview of the maps.

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Introduction: Social Network Analysis

This paper, written by Optimice, provides an introduction to Social Network Analysis and the business benefits associated with this technique for uncovering the hidden relationships that drive organisational performance.

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The Tyranny of Top Down

Top-Down management thinking is a relic of an industrial age when business environments were simpler and programmed approaches to management were more successful. The Global Financial Crisis is a stark demonstration of the power of networks in propagating impacts globally and at a speed that is breathtaking. What is now needed is learning to manage sideways, and in this paper Optimice identifies critical issues with top down thinking and offer 10 steps to kick start your sideways management learning.

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